An Inside Look

 American Marketing Association at Georgia State University puts on events with unique styles, so the experience is always one-of-a-kind. We seeks to educate and engage the student body and local community by involving them in a variety of hands-on marketing projects, providing the opportunity to hear from industry professionals, and to help our members create a strong network of professional marketing contacts for future career endeavors.

Marketing Tours

AMA every year tries to visit multiple marketing agencies so our members can get a true sense of what the corporate culture is in both small and large marketing agencies as well as what actual professional marketers do everyday.
The photo is from when we visited the Post-Office Cowork

Cafe Lucia Case Competition

Each year during the fall, AMA host a week long of events called "AMA week". The week is also a national week where all AMA chapters including the national chapter conducts numerous events. Last year our chapter did a case completion with the local coffee shop, Cafe Lucia.
The photo below are the winner's of this case competition.

Mad Men Panelist Discussion

This is a photo our our Mad Men panelist event where we brought in professional Marketers from experienced to recent graduates.These events are great for our members to get honest feedback about how to be successful in a marketing career, build connections, and and learn about latest marketing trends.


AMA often host workshops to help our members develop skills that are crucial to be successful in marketing. These workshops are always free and fun! The photo below shows two of our members in one the Adobe Photoshop classes.